Mrs Purse Loot


I'm a firm believer that a Mrs. purse should always be properly stocked - containing the necessary accoutrements should she need to bail on the spot. I can honestly say, mine holds all that and more - whether I'm choosing to explore, or ready to storm the door - one's accompanying loot ought to keep them prepared and secure. While the contents may vary from Mrs to Mrs - one thing should be consistent : fortune telling fishes!!! These little curiosities have settled many a decision - navigated journies, and granted permission. A purse flask and matches can get you just about anywhere - you can basically throw an impromptu party in a public thoroughfare. A fresh mouth + a new coat of lipstick can really do a Mrs. wonders - not to mention, rescue her from sticky blunders. I never leave home with out my "supplements" - it's really no fun to be stranded sans one's required substances. That, and sunglasses!! You never know when you might need to hide amongst the masses! Obviously these are just a few of my purse's constant standbys - but I will say this: they'll get you through from sundown to sunrise!

What are some of YOUR secret purse loot necessities? I'd love to hear about your must have eccentricities!!

Clare Vivier / Pill Pouch // Tory Burch iPhone Cover // Fortune Teller Miracle Fish // Big Ass Balenciaga Sunglasses // Hermes Key Fob // YSL RPC 13 // Purse Flask 

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