Tubbing at the Thompson



I recently had the absolute pleasure of staying at the Thompson LES in New York City - We occupied the King Terrace Suite + boy was it pretty! Holy heck, the tub was otherworldly! The spaciousness... the grandeur - oh the possibilities, oh the allure! The moment I laid eyes on it, I filled it up in a hurry. I quickly gathered the proper tubbing accoutrements - expensive bubbly, towels, and a sterling bubble wand. I tuned on some tunes, and dove right in - I sunk to the bottom, the bubbles tickled my chin. What happen next, I'm not sure I can explain - all I can say is it was anything but mundane! 

 The Thompson LES graciously stocks Kiehl's products + Sferra bath linens / Tiffany Sterling Bubble Wand / The Dom / Post Tub Pumps

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