Painfully Ladylike


While I may not particularly be into all things fruit-cakey + cream-puffy - I'm a sucker when it comes to ladylike provisions that are fancy + fluffy!! I've been a long time coveter of irresistibly luscious *painfully ladylike* paraphernalia - whether it be baubles, noshes or underpinning regalia - my obsession knows no bounds, lemme tell ya! There's just something about owing &/or savoring a slice of princess-ish equipage - for the blissful charm it returns is just so splendidly distinguished!!


 Visnja Brdar, Power Brooch / Philippe Pottier, Pierre Balmain, Fall 1956 / Pink Dom / Dolce & Gabbana Feather Clutch / Bra + Panty / Miu Miu, La Vie en Rose / Nicole Farhi, Trillion Cut Resin Bangle

Baubles, Fashion
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