The Wrapping Cabinet


If there's one thing in which I'm rather passionate - well then it's the magical contents of my gift wrapping cabinet! The sheer joy that overcomes me upon opening it's doors - laying eyes on all the festoonery is a pastime I wholeheartedly adore! What's more is that all the cabinet's nooks and crannies - are overflowing with glittering gift wrapping fancies! My wrapping theory is really quite a snap - I stock huge rolls of butcher paper as my signature house wrap. I then heavily douse said parcels in dazzling accoutrements - lovely ribbons, printed tape, and tissue that corresponds. My signature wrapping tactic is one I hold very dear - I scent each gift with a spritz of Jo Malone Rose and sprinkle it with gold sequins for added cheer. It is my belief that every Mrs. should have her signature wrapping style - and preferably house her supplies in a proud standing cabinet or file. 


Now that I've shared my fabulous little secret - do me the favor and tell me your preferred gift wrapping treatment! Pretty please?

Cabinet / Gift Poms / Butcher Paper / Scisccors / Ribbon / Sequins / Jo Malone Room Spray / Tinsel Wire / Tissue Paper / Glitter Tape

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