The Mrs. Medicine Cabinet


Peering into one's medicine cabinet is like reading the story of their life - revealing sometimes clandestine details via the stocked supplies. For instance, do various pill bottles spew out the moment you open the door? Or, perhaps it's chock full of potions + serums that you just don't use anymore? All I can say is that the method to one's medicine cabinet madness is a personal matter - yet all things considered, it's contents should always aim to enhance, fix + flatter. What I can declare is that there are certain necessities that all cabinets must poses - small spaces considered, they must be thoughtful sundries that lead to success! I'll rattle off the appointed goodies vital to all wall mounted wonder troves - well... at least those that I'm willing to expose. Here we go:

Tweezers - let's face it ladies, whiskers are only cute on cats, so a pair of good tweezers is imperative at that! It's best to leave the brow shaping to the experts - but a rouge whisker is reason enough to keep a pair in your cabinet and your purse!!

Happy Pills - aka "vitamins" &/or "perscribed pharmacon" - including these in your repertoire is trés cosmopolitan.

Hair Oil - the only thing you'll ever need to tame that fluffy mane. This business smells like really expensive fresh cut grass - and leaves your locks glistening in an entirely different class.

Vaseline Total Moisture - The only 24 hour moisture you'll ever truly need - heck, it hydrates 3 surface layers deep! It does exactly what a body lotion should - it works moisture miracles while leaving your skin feeling good. Your skin will feel like sumptuous silk - just as if you bathe daily in a tub of warm milk!!

Wrinkies + Frownies - to save your face from furrowing in-between those pricy botox shots. Wrinkies + Frownies will back your face up so it doesn't go to pots!

Curlers - forget those cord-whoring, hair-frying irons - instead, stock a set of foam curlers to save your face + hair from burns. It's the prettier, healthier way to seek those luscious waves - just as long as your locks behave!

Headache Medicine - a cabinet/office/car/purse staple, ideal for when you've "over-spirited" and are feeling unstable. Why not just add it to your daily routine? That way you can cut down on those extra cups of caffeine!

Really Expensive Serum - oh gees just buy it already - stop buying cheapy knock-offs that are super sketchy! I swear by this miracle potion, in fact I think it's set my face into reverse aging mega motion!!!

Toothbrush - le duh.

©Kelley Lilien 2008-2013