August Necessities


Yay for August, it's my most favorite month! It's my birthday month, so what's not to love?! I therefore fashioned this month's necessities after my favorite pastimes - I find travelling and leisuring undeniably divine! Nothing makes me giddier than an afternoon of leisure - a small cluster of time to partake in the luxuries that I treasure! Be it a romping around in fancy lingerie - or pedalling a swan boat out on sunny San Diego Bay - a day of Mrs. shenanigans is how I like to play. Hand me a boarding pass and I'm one happy camper - especially when it comes to travel accessories and the accompanying glamour! I covet fancy travel wares - especially the exotic variety that come in pairs! A hot ticket and a hot set of luggage - is a scenario I deem most triumphant!

So without further ado, click on over to my August Necessities - I'm pretty sure you'll find that they also compliment your sensibilities!

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