Mrs. Duffy



If you should happen upon this gal about town, she's pretty unsuspecting. Bump into her on the canal and you'll see her carousing and bartending. This is Mrs. Duffy, the showstress of the waterways - and I've gotta say, she's pretty much a rarity nowadays. She's the unofficial mayor of Naples Island, California - and let me tell ya, she's one convivial Señora! She corals her fleet of fellow Duffy lovers - they take to the canal to party it up like no others. They cruise along the waterway at a very pleasant pace - when you're leisurely boating and boozing, there's no such thing as a race! She's usually host to a fabulous crew - mostly a group of gals that fancy her boozy brew. She's known to board a trusty battery powered blender - with which she concoct frozen delights teeming with splendor. If you find yourself on the canal and fresh out of drink - keep your eyes peeled for Mrs. Duffy and toss her a wink - she'll serve you up something tasty and even cheers you with a clink!

Duffy Boat / Hermès ScarfTassel Earrings / Tom Ford, Nico Sunglasses / Orange Cooler Tote / Tangerine Havianas / Battery Operated Blender / Grey Goose / Vanilla / Mrs. Julius Recipe

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