Wedded Bliss : Year 9


Today marks the 9th year of marriage for me and Mr. Lilien - and it's been a rather rad 9 years, if you ask my opinion. While I'd love to give you all the juicy details of our 9 year love fest - I thought it more "editorial" to illuminate the traditional anniversary gifts that so many expect. While the mister and I tend to gift off the beaten path - it certainly doesn't mean such lovely tokens are things I wouldn't LOVE to have. That said, if we were of the inclination to traditionally gift - this year we'd be exchanging pottery... a luscious art form that I can hardly resist! Nothing screams I love you quite like an urn - just think how awkward it'd be to return!! An urn says "I love you + I'm planning ahead" - and "you deserve to be housed in something sexy when you're dead!" Its a pretty brilliant gift if I don't mind saying so myself - I would really love to have the above pair upon my special display shelf!

Mr. Lilien, what can I say... I truly cannot wait to be urn-ing with you one day! And, if we go at different times, just know I'll always be yours and you'll always be mines! XXX- your lovely wife.


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