The Mrs. Lilien Signature Bar Cart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



What began nearly one year ago has finally happened - and, my friends, the outcome far exceeds what I could have ever imagined! The Mrs. Lilien Signature Bar Cart has landed - she's a brilliant specimen and she's been fabulously co-branded! She's my signature piece and part of a glittering collection - available for purchase at Society Social, a shop that's teeming with perfection! If you're an advocate for colorful living + live a boozy-licious lifestyle - you'll want to feverishly click on over to this magnificent mercantile! What you'll see will be pure delight on the eyes - a sparkling caboodle of must have furnishings + supplies. I certainly do hope you dabble around my Mrs. Lilien Signature Bar Cart - she's a sight for soar eyes and my favorite boozy counterpart!

If you're on the fence and a bit nervous about pulling the trigger - once you see her in her debut film, I ensure you'll be hot to purchase with vigor!

A *MAJOR* cheers to Mr. Austin Hendrix for his wild videographer expertise!!!!!

Serious Cheers!



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