Ya, she's pretty hip to all that fancy riding banter - heck, she prefers the posting trot to the cantor. She turns heads + tails at the stable - She's Mrs. EQSTRN, wearer of the highest luxury label. She takes her hobby rather seriously - riding her Arabian, Mr. Bojangles, pretty darn meticulously. She always keeps her head up and her heels down - and she obsessively carries her riding crop all over town! You'd think people would stare, however no one blinks an eye - after all she is Mrs. EQSTRN, which makes perfect sense as to why!

Hermès Scarf / Hermès Hard Brush / Hermès Saddle Box / Chanel Riding Crop / Chanel Riding Helmet / Gucci Horse Bit Tote / Bottega Veneta Sunglasses / Dressage Boots

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