Mrs. September


Oh she's a special kind of gal just teeming with splendor - she's radiant, she's captivating, she's Mrs. September! She's deep and inquisitive - multifaceted and definitive.  She has tendency to veer dark and a little dramatic - yet her calm sensibilities keep her grounded and pragmatic. She's heaps of fun to pal around with - fascinating to postulate and get profound with. It's no wonder she's admired by the masses - she reads pretty freakin' fabulous on every axis!

Endless kisses to Mrs. September - you're such a pleasure to remember! 

Sapphire + Diamond Earrings / Elie Saab Gown / Bombay Sapphire Gin / Custom Swizzle Sticks / Vintage Georges Briard Highballs / Miu Miu Glitter Heels

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