Mrs. Guilty Pleasures #1


You know those naughty indulgences -  the kind that do your inner hedonist the ultimate justices? Well I must say posses some ferocious guilty pleasures - some might be obvious and others might be considered eccentric endeavors. The level of guiltiness really depends on the category - but regardless the act it's the pleasure your get that receives all the glory! I thought it'd be fun to swap a few of our guilty pleasures - and share with each other the kooky exploits that we treasure. I'm starting this one off rather mildly - I didn't want to immediately expose the juicy details of my psyche.

So... here we go, in times of deep snaking desperation - I go face first for the onion dip without a flicker of hesitation. You know the kind that you mix from a packet with sour cream? Ya, that stuff pretty much makes my tongue clap + scream! The only way to indulge in it with with extra salty ruffled potato chips - it's just so good when it hits your lips! 

There you have it, I've made my first confession - now it's your turn what's your guiltiest dip obsession?!

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