Damn, I'm Tan!



We arrived to our humble abode late last night - I awoke this morning all bushy tailed and bright! I caught my reflection on the way to the coffee maker - and almost jumped when I thought I saw a stranger! Why, HOTDAMN, I'm TAN - 2 weeks in the tropics and wham-bam-thank-you-mam, I got me a TAN! My dermi will surely give me scolding - but I have to admit I'm pretty proud of this shade that I'm holding!! I'll cling to this color for dear life - dusting on bronzer day and night. Flashing my tropical souvenir every chance I get - and in the process making people jealous I bet! Hooray for vacation and it's lingering memories - and also for the post vacay gloating accessories!



Michael Kors AvsLemLem Dress / Bobbi Brown Bronzer / Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush / Michael Kors Sandals /  MOR Lychee Flower Lip Macaron

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