2013 Mrs. RE-Solutions



Okay party peeps... so here they are - my 2013 MRS RE-Solutions, some expected, some bizarre. I've rattled them out in no particular order - some may bring excitement, others may bring horror - either way these are my goals for the upcoming quarter! There are big changes to come here in the MRS stratosphere - a new look, a new crew, new and all things premier. 

I'm wholeheartedly ready to bring my A-game - as the last few months have had me not feeling so sane. Yes, the elite and uber are not immune to crippling stress + dark clouds - but I'm working my way through and will continue to upwardly bounce! With a bevy of fabulousness all up in the que - it's almost impossible to continue to stay blue!

Not only that but I'm hauling my peeps off to the Hawaiian islands - and for the 2 weeks we're away I'll be sharing my daily exploits + excitements! 

I certainly hope that you are all feeling the glittering promise of a new year - I for one can't help but feel so inspired and motivated to perservere. 

My most sincerest gratitude and thanks be to you, my spectacularly spirited readers - you prob wouldn't know it, but your my most beloved cheerleaders!! 

Happy 2013 



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