Mrs January



Talk about a lady who likes her decadence - Mrs. January is accustomed to none other than the most refined excellence. She takes ultimate pleasure in the richness of her native hue - delighting in it's uncanny sensuality... the kind only a garnet can construe. Her every encounter is but a succulent celebration - teeming with vibrant grandeur and usually resulting in a vivid occasion. Mrs. Jan holds court in a class all her own - ruling the decadence like a queen on her thrown. All hail Mrs Jan - for kicking ass the way only she can!

Garnet Starburst Brooch / Garnet + Pearl Earrings / Jason Wu Gown / Red Goblet / Garnet, Pinot Noir / Debora Lippmann Love Notes Set / Red Velvet Cupcakes

Baubles, Fashion
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