Mrs. Guilty Pleasures #4



It's the tipping point, the moment your pupils begin to dilate - you've got to satisfy an intense sugar itch, it's not up for debate! It's your "I-may-need-to-hide-in-the-dark-closet-while-I shamelessly-devour this" treat - the naughty bit you lunge for when everything is obsolete. My crack presents itself in three different forms - Giant Chewy Sweet Tarts, Girls Scout Somoas, and Hubba Bubba Grape Gum... aka my candy porn. This trifecta of unadulterated sweet pleasure - takes me to places of wildly saccharin splendor. I wouldn't share but a crumb, not even when begged - oh no siree bob, not when I'm meddling in this masquerade. I hoard and I hide making it all the more pleasurable - and the sheer delight I get from it is purely immeasurable. So there, I've typed it out for all the world to see - now it's your turn to tell me what tooth rotting bonbon sends you on a frantic sugar spree!! Go on, don't be shy - tell me what it is and why!!

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