In A Mrs. Beach Bag



Whilst on island thy beach bag must be razor sharp and on pointe - carrying all that you need and perhaps even the unassuming joint. For beach going in Hawaii is more a way of life - being more a style of living than a way to pass the time. My best Mrs conceptions seem to stem from day long beach expeditions - plans to take over the universe are common along with other wild ambitions. Thy beach bag is cardinal in one's elevated beach going experience - and thus the importance of the aforementioned bag's contents profoundly add to the beach-go'ers giddiness. The above smattering is a prime example of my G-Rated beach bag contents - a glittering array of noteworthy, yet essential objects. What ever your beach going pursuits and lifestyle fantasies - be sure to pack accordingly so to compliment your indulgent vanities.

Tory Burch Beach Bag / Miu Miu Sun Glasses / Havianas / Hermés Head Scarf / Primo / Fancy Spy Noculars / Steamy Read / Expensive Sun Screen / Fabby JA Beach Towel

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