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Trader Joe's spray on SPF 50 body sunscreen.

"Discovered this when on vacay in Palm Springs. I can't stand getting sunscreen in my rings and hair! Found this, tried it and have replenished my stock several times since. The fact that it's non-comedogenic is a big bonus!"

Restorsea cleanser & SPF.

 "I was never the best at thoroughly exfoliating. Exfoliating is boring and sometimes hurts. I love Restorsea because each of the products have this amazing enzyme that eats away at dead skin. I layer them to get the max benefits."

Garden Apothecary bath teas.

"This girl Jen (who I may or may not have discovered on Instagram) is an amazingly talented horticulturist. Her background is in farming + plant propagation and she makes the most decadent bath teas. A must for anyone who's ever been tired."


Zoya Nail Polish remover. 

"I'm not a fan of major chemicals but I need a good polish remover for TBD nail tutorials. This stuff is insane. Most acetone makes your cuticles dry and chalky-- this stuff makes nails & cuticles soft and moisturized. Also comes in a professional dispenser so you never waste a drop."


Living Proof Mousse.

"Leaves hair always big, never sticky."

Wella Enrich conditioning treatment.

 "Whenever my hair feels dry and brittle I sit with this for 10 minutes in the shower. Problem solved. My favorite! And smells like a dream."

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Leave-In conditioner. 

"Game-changing pH-balance-restoring mystical, magical, weightless leave-in conditioner."

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