One step inside San Diego's El Camino Restaurant - and I'm inspirationally ambushed, creatively bombed!! This mexican joint is a mecca of high color + bold decorative statements - a place that evokes the need to revamp your own space + make it just as awesomely audacious! Having a meal there and contemplating your home decor can be rather treacherous - for your need to go crazy + repaint your whole house will be most generous! Why not paint your front door Blooming Fuchsia?! Or, stencil bold Cool Cobalt flowers all over your entry way, hallelujah!! Perhaps an adventurous black and white statement wall is more your speed - then a can of Onyx Black is really all you need! What ever your fancy or level of creative ambition - Glidden's got your back + is capable of fueling any wild painting expedition. Go ahead and rid yourself of decorating doubt - get inspired, paint it up bold + make this MRS proud!!!

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