The Beauty Bets DIY Papaya Enzyme Peel



I would exfoliate every day of the week and twice on Sunday if I could. I know it’s wrong. But shiny, squeaky clean skin just makes me feel like I’m aging backwards. Alas, all that scrubbing does more harm than good. So when I do exfoliate (2-3 times/week), I make it count. Fruit enzyme-based treatments are usually my go-to because they brighten and tighten without the use of harsh chemicals; so I can do them more often. Papaya has pretty magical powers in this department. It contains papain, an enzyme that dissolves dead skin cells, gently exfoliates, and helps lighten pigmentation. Combined with lactic-acid rich yogurt, another fabby exfoliant, and hydrating honey it becomes a humdinger of mask. Enjoy in moderation!

Thank you Elizabeth Dehn for bestowing us this fabby beauty treat - your concoctions are always so spot on, and rather hard pressed to beat!

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