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It seems to be the perpetual fashion quandry - and more often than not the 'What to wear to work' is rarely answered with fashions that are spirited + jaunty! While I hold high court at Mrs. Lilien Headquarters, aka: my home - I'm not opposed to fantasizing about career wear, which is anything but lame monochrome. If I were to have the corner office with floor to ceiling views - you'd be hard pressed to find me in something that wouldn't delight + bemuse! I'd call it business-fab + it'd be anything but drab! I love a playful ensemble that screams chic confidence - strikingly fierce with just a sprinkling of opulence! So the next time you throw upon those closet doors and ponder 'what to wear to work' - toss on something playfully smart + don't dress like a jerk!

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