Mrs. Lilien's Fall Uniform



I'm having a fashion filled BALL this fall!! I mean what's not to love about a little wardrobe overhaul?! It's a time to celebrate the dark + playful - and anything in my closet that's comfy, fun + black has become an instant staple. With my post-baby physique still a little squishy - I'm happily embracing elastic waistbands + roomy sweaters to avoid looking + feeling piggy. That said, I've taken to mixing prints + textures - I'm instantly pulled together with printed leggings + an oversized sweater! Not only that but layering on the extra fab accessories - makes for a look that's teaming with playful pleasantries!  What ever the autumn day brings me or wherever the fall activity takes me - it's a uniform such as this that both delights + accomodates me!!

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