Holiday Soirée Necessities



It's high festive season and time to turn up the heat on soirée planning - after all it's the little things that take a gathering from good to bangin'!!! Everything from the hostess's ensemble - to the libations that put you horizontal - should be beaming with spirited sparkle. You'd be suprised at how the proper party finery can really elevate the scene - they sprinkle fabbiness on the ambiance and everything in between! Nary a guest in attendance could ever forget - a holiday shindig that was planned to perfect!!

1 Santa Beard On a Stick / 2 Striped Paper Straws / 3 Santa Mugs / 4 Maker's Mark / 5 Extend-A-Mistletoe / 6 Kevin Aucoin, Carliana Lipstick / 7 Happy Fing Holidays Napkins / 8 Bow Pumps 9 Heart Shoe Clips / 10 YSL Polish / 11 Ribbon Candy

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