Stocking Stuffers



Although it may seem to be the task to save for last, you mustn't wait this year for shopping the stocking! Believe it or not, it's a segment of Christmas Day that's both out-of-your-thermal-knocking + totally shocking! No one expects any particular gift in their big shoe of loot, so even more of a reason to fill it with the fabbiest of goods + make it one grand, jolly pursuit! There's one other trick + that's HOW to stuff it...for there are three major sectors: the neck, the torso + the butt! So here's a little guide on how to stuff your stocking the MRS way, because in the Lilien Household we DON'T play! 

Happy Stuffing!


The Showcased Stocking

The Neck: Dryer Balls // Lip Tease Mug // Brass Fox Wine Accessory Set // Wishbone Bottle Opener // Golf Ball Monogrammer Set

The Torso: J.Crew Marled Socks // Mrs. Lilien Cocktail Swatchbook // Sippy Cup 

The Butt: Wine Pearls // Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Cam

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