Holiday Bites + Plates



There's nothing quite like a table littered with delightful holiday nibbles - not to mention a fully stocked bar bubbling over with tipples in which to whet thy whistles!! Who doesn't love a bountiful cornucopia of yummy nosh to taste?! Especially when they're presented on boldy textured appetizer plates!! You needn't fret over gaudy holiday dishes - for they won't make the food taste any more festive or delicious. Instead serve those spirited tapas on tasteful dinnerware - what you'll find is that this effortless tabletop look is really rather debonaire! Go bold, have fun, mix and match the textures - what you'll find is an epicurean landscape bestowing bold plating pleasures!

Happy Appetizing!!


Noritake BOB Dune Collection / Zingerman's City Goat Cheese / Noritake WOW Dune Collection / Zingerman's Chocolate Bacon Pig / Noritake WOW Swirl Collection / Zingerman's Organic Prosciutto / Noritake BOB Snow Collection / Zingerman's Hamentaschen

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