The Rudolph Royale Cocktail // RESURRECTED



Oh by gosh, jiminy Christmas, by golly - I've a special treat to bestow that's undeniably jolly! It's the Rudolph Royale, and it's as special as can be - for it's the ensual of a most convivial collaboration, you see. I conspired with the illustrious ladies of Fashionably Bombed - wild inventresses of elixirs so cleverlydoggoned - a sisterly team who's tempestuously brilliant and splendidly blonde! This custom crimson libation certainly bubbles and glows - I fool you not, it's even brimming with Rudloph's red nose!! A fabulous holiday spin on the Kir Royale - the very cocktail to concoct at your Christmas corral. Tis my Mrs. way of spreading good cheer - to those of you whom I hold so dear - and who have been extra good all year! I present you with this gift, a Mrs. deemed holiday necessity - the one, the only, the printable Rudolph Royale Recipe!

May your home and heart be filled with fabulously festive holiday cheer - while you sip this very libation fashioned after the most famous reindeer!!

Millions of Christmas Kisses, 

The Lilien Mrs.

©Kelley Lilien 2008-2013