Glam Gift Guide



There's nothing quite like receiving a gift that gleams with glam. It's nearly a disease i've caught over the gratitude towards glammy gifts has spread to my very own deserving giftees! Starbucks cards are useful + all, but why not swap out for a set of Holiday Lip Crayons?! It will leave your gal pal feeling less worthless + fabbier than ever AND on Christmas Day, whensoever!! 

Just a thought to leave you with this Holiday with glam + make those who deserve it feel like they're worth a damn! Ya feel me??

Happy Gifting! XXX 

Silk-Satin PJ Set // 24 HRS USB // Taxi Flats // Janice Pumps // Dapper Dan Mustache Sweater // Blouse Bloomer Outfit // Metallic Baby Uggs // Gold Match Striker // Get Out of Town Tote // Faux Fur Rocker // Holiday Lip Crayons


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