Cyber Monday Madness



I certainly hope your fingers are rested + ready - today's CYBER MONDAY and sh*t's about to get heavy!! If you are staring at the screen frantic + lost - I've got a few tips to share without any cost! The Crew has a fabulous holiday special going - they're honoring 30% off all accessories + clothing!

J.CREW FINDS: Men's V-Neck Sweater with Elbo Patches / The Dude Cashmere Sweater for Baby / Bonne Nuit Pj's for Girls / Crystal Earrings / Silver Wallet / Cashmere Glittlens


Nordy's has free shipping, and whats not to love about that?! Aside from my #mrsapproved watches, there's plenty there to snatch! I have no doubt that you could easily knock out everyone on your list - and if you do it today, you could get it done in just a few clicks!

Nordstrom Watches:  1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 



For those big ticket kitchen items, there are deals to be had - discounted prices + free shipping aren't half bad! So go on and get your fingies a clickin' - Cyber Monday only comes once a year, and time is a tickin'!

BITCHIN KITCHEN GIFTS: Le Creuset, Rosemary Dutch Oven / Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer / Nespresso Citiz / Soda Stream Penguin Sparkling Water Maker / Vitamix Pro

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