Gifties for the Kiddies



Kiddy gifting is the very best...there's nothing sweeter than the pure happiness that their reactions manifest! Who doesn't wanna gift such lovable little kiddos, I know mine will be thrilled of all their fun little gadgets + gizmos! Between the clothes, the books + the fun little toys the only thing you must avoid is ANYTHING that makes noise! I've learned this very trick but a few years ago + if you're not yet, you MUST get in the know!! It's the tippity top trick of avoiding losing your's the brilliance that leaves your house without any hooting and whistling profanity!!

for le bebe: shark robe // bear slippers // train set // puffy neon doudoune // como tomo natural feel baby bottle // ostrich toy // baby duck boots

for le littles: radio flyer cart // art set // jump rope // boys' sleep set // girls' sleep set // cheetah shoes // blue boots

for le big kids: orange ubooly // skateboard // astronaut bedding // boys' winter hat // manicure gloves // fashionista sticker book //

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