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Whether hosting a holiday soiree or headed home to be with family - there are a few key things you need to know to spice up your presence + hospitality! First and foremost, dress to impress - its truly the cardinal rule to being a festive success! Next, be sure to cart some fun along - afterall, bestowing bounty + cheer is the unspoken duty of every chaperon. Alas, be sure to don your best party face - a spirited host or guest is just so fun to embrace!

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Be sure to load up and bestow your very best loot - for now is the time to bust out your finest party gear + coveted hooch! And don't be afraid to be the life of the party -  no one is ever disappointed with a jolly spirit thats tastefully hardy!


Once the fun commences don't shy away from making a mess -  after all those are the soirees that you'll remember best! Mix and match your hostessing silver + fine crystal - along with cheeky-chic decor to garner up a giggle! Lastly but of course not leastly, go big or go home - holiday festiveness should always be felt to the bone!

So there you have it my MRS guide to celebrating festively - I hope you take heed and party on successfully!!

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