Naughty vs. Nice Gift Guide



The weeks are barreling down + the lists are getting written so from one MRS to the next, make these last weeks count! I mean you've got a choice be wise + do what it takes to get that bangin' beach buggy, even if it leaves you doing one of those things that is out-of-your-comfort-zone sincere. Hell, give the hubby a few extra smooches + the friends a couple more may just receive something out-of-this-world deluxe! Then again, maybe not, but in the end it's the effort that counts + like they say, "Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself!"

Cheers to both the naughty + the nice!


The NAUGHTY List: Coal Bubble Gum // Malt Liquor // Witty Flask // The impersonal Starbucks Card

The NICE List: Carelle finger candy // Case of Dom Perignon // Beach Buggy

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