Silver FOXY



So, for those of you that think I'm 85 - I'm actually a youthful 33 years young and all kinds of alive. But I'll tell you what, like a sudden change of seasons I'm rapidly going prematurely grey - seriously, my roots are dancing the salt + pepper ballet!! I've been a brunette for the last year or so - but holy heck, them grey roots sure do show! I'll be perfectly honest, I'm just not ready to be a silver fox - I think the overcast shade would really put a damper on my youthful locks. I have serious respect for all those glammy silver foxes - but at my age, I just think I'd look obnoxious! So I'm in need of a new hair plan - Something fool proof, something smart, something fast. Have you any brilliant suggestions? I'm open to all kinds of clever conceptions. Hook a MRS up your ideas + perhaps like experiences - I'm looking for nimble advice to restore my coiffe's innate resilience!

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