Rummy Night



It's healthy to shake things up a bit evr' now and again - you know, mix a little crazy in with your zen! I bet it's been ages since you've hosted a girly game night - the kind that gets a little raucous and goes well into the night! So I've taken liberty to map out one heck of a shindig - hosting Rummy Night (done right) can be bananas, and you can even win big! You'll need 4 gals or gays, or perhaps 2 couples - you could even have 8 and match them up as doubles! What ever your fun-time combo, just remember to keep it Rummy - you'll want to serve my Kumquat RumTini that's out-of-this-world yummy! A boisterous night in can be all kinds of fun - and when it's done right it'll be second to none!

Vintage Rummicub Set / Cocktail Set / Trina Turk Los Olivos Pillows / Deb Lippmann, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun PolishYSL Lipstick, Fuchsia Pink

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