The Day Maker: Cinco Powell



The other day I was just sitting around minding my own business - there was a knock at the door, why it was the UPS Mistress!! She handed me a rather large and mysterious box - my face full of wonder, I smiled back in response. And like that she was gone with the wind - I turned on a dime and headed in with a sprint! "What oh what could possibly be inside?" I pondered. I tore off the tape, flipped open the lid then giddily hollered. For what upon my glistening eyes did appear? A big, beautiful Cinco Powell tote with 2 large leather tassels and my MRS monogram engraved upon a gold sphere!! Also included was a hefty gold chain necklace - perhaps to wear my monogram and feel all kinds of MRS marvellous! Talk about a total day maker - a brand new custom spring tote is pretty major!! 

Thank you Cinco Powell for my fabulous new tote - not only did you make my day, but you set my MRS heart afloat!

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