It's Fla-SPRING-O Season



I'll be totally honest, I'm just not the biggest lover of the long winter gloom - I'm a forever fan of warm weather, sunshine and all things in bloom. So when Fla-SPRING-o rolls around - my Mrs. happiness abounds. What's better than resort wear gone flamingo?! Um, absolutely nothing if I do say so! You can bet your bottom dollar I'll be stocking up on some Fla-SPRING-o finery - and perhaps even the above kit + caboodle in it's entirety!

Happy Fla-SPRING-o!!


Snow-Mingo Statuettes / Alexander McQueen Sunnies / Cluster Earrings / Tory Burch Sanibel Shirt Dress / Tory Burch Sanibel Swimsuit / Tory Burch Slippers / Deborah Lippman Mermaid's Dream Nail Polish

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