VOI-to-the-LA!! Here you have it folks, welcome to the brand new Mrs. Lilien website - I hope her new look fulfills your fantasies alright! Her look is new and totally different - her colors have changed and yes it's all rather deliberate! When a Mrs calls for a new look, she's got to make a splash - go big or go home, do it with gusto, fervor + plenty of flash. The site itself has been deeply pondered + thus simplified - in lieu of unnecessary widgets  + distractions, you now have a destination that's been purified! Now just because some elements have been removed - new additions have been implemented so your experience will be improved. So go on and poke around, I'm sure you'll like what you see - I think this new Mrs. Lilien website is the bees knees, wouldn't you agree?!?!


Yes, yes indeed a second cocktail swatchbook is well into the making - I mean why stop at one when, when there can be TWO for the taking!! This second installment will be just as boozy-licious as the first - but it will have a new special twist that's sure to quench your deepest thirst! I'll keep you posted on developments as they happen - but for now I'll let you feed off my effervescent excitement + enthusiasm!


First step Mrs. Lilien product line, next step Mrs. Lilien pre-fab mansions - but before I jump too far ahead, let me elaborate on this exciting new expansion! Why stop at a book or two when there are endless categories with which to illuminate - just think how fabby it'd be to have a piece of me in your home to accommodate!! Does the thought just make you want to shimmy + shake?! Within the coming year you can purchase me from stores for Pete's sake! Like the 2nd book I promise to keep you informed + abreast - you know taunting you with hints and all the rest.


Seriously, no seriously, all of the above just wasn't enough - I mean, what was I to do with all my spare time... become an even bigger lush?! Adding a third child to the mix seemed like the ideal boredom solution - Kidding! It was a major surprise, but we're tickled at adding another to our treasured twosome! Now fret not, my current status won't transform this MRS site into a mommy/baby blog - this is baby number 3 mind you, I've got this maternity / child rearing drill on lock. That said I may periodically share some of my Mrs. mothering trade secrets - tried and true baby keeping tactics on maintaining fabbiness with a fetus. Okay, so now it's all out in the open and I can literally let my belly out - I'd say it's high time to get back to delighting you all daily, which is what I'm really all about!

PS- you might be interested in my newest Pinterest board - it's over flowing with fabby baby goodies that I adore!



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