The Spring Uniform



There's really nothing quite as thrilling as treating yourself to a fresh new ensemble - especially a fun one that's bright, springy and totally full throttle! Since spring is truly the beginning of summer - it's smart to pick up key pieces that also work when it gets warmer! I'm all about this resort gown that's totally brand new - so much so I've warn it not once, but twice... I just LOVE the hue!! Not all locales are as warm as sunny Sahn Diago - so you might want to accessorize with this scarf or perhaps a light poncho. As for spring-into-summer accessories, my choice is always big + statementy - truthfully, I'd wear the big bling, pompous white tote + tassel bangle quite faithfully! As for finishing touches for the very bottom + very tops - I'm loving these glitter sandals + a bright orang lip that pops! Voila! Your spring uniform solution - straight from the Mrs. with razor sharp execution!

Baubles, Fashion
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