Pregnancy Beauty Routine



Whether you've been there or not, I'm certain you've all heard of the "pregnancy glow" - well hear this, it doesn't happen to every one I'll have you know! Some of us have to fight, kick + scratch just to look presentable - this "glow" isn't handed out, and yes (!) those of you planning on babies should be very skeptical!! My pregnancy skin story, now thrice told - ends sadly in that, I've never "glowed"!!!! Alternatively, I exploded, sprouted + patched - what does that mean exactly? Well, I'm not telling because you didn't ask! What I will say is that I finally found a decent routine - to help this delicate skin-uation (skin situation) become a little less obscene. Remember now, I'm 33, and anti-aging skin is a top priority - so an all natural approach to maintaining my suppleness had to be preformed cautiously. I found my solution in a line called Restorsea - it's 100% all natural anti-aging, luckily for me! So I combined a few of my own skin saving tacticle efforts - when dealing with a warzone you've got to take all precautions + exhuast all measures.

So here we go, I'll breakdown my twice daily beauty routine - that keeps my pregnancy face looking as good as it can and somewhere in between. I begin each session with a good clarisonic power washing - this cleansing method is to skin as oral hygene is to flossing. Upon toweling off I tone with a natural whitch hazel - it cleans house like a good purging facial. I follow this with a squirt or two of Renormalizing serum - an elixir in which all wrinkles + age spots grow fearsome. Lastly, I slater on an spf daycream or night cream depending - and yes both are highly necessary and worth reccomending. Finally a itty bitty dab of eye cream is the very last step - it's pretty much the most important thing you must do before going to bed!

Now, should this game end up going into overtime - I'll pull out the turkish lamp + prayer beads, a ritual I promise isn't completely asinine! When the 'whiz' hits the beauty fan, you'll be surprised at how far you'll go - you'll do what you have to do in order to pull off 'decent'... forget the glow!

ps- if your still pondering the above 'whisker remover' let me clue you in - a pregnant lady can grow unsightly hairs in other places than her chin! The haunting reality is enough to keep you up at night - which is why a pair should always be handy + well within sight!

Restorsea Revivng Cleanser / Clarisonic / Dickinson's Toner / [Renormalizing Serum / Rejuvinating Day Lotion / Restoring Night Cream / Revitalizing Eye Cream / Whisker Remover

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