Crushing It



Our weather here in Sahn Diago has been utterly outstanding - which has me on the hunt for poolside gear thats super commanding! Now this baby bump does throw a bit of a wrench into things - meaning... you won't be seeing me in an itty bitty thing held up by strings. That said, an adorable two-peice is still attainable - I'm thinking the one above is pretty dang sensational! I can totally see myself or any number of gals rocking this citrus-crushy ensemble - not only is it perfectly punchy, but I can't see it causing an awkward poolside debacle. So whether your local forecast is poolside appropriate - or perhaps a balmy vacation is on your immediate - a smart investment in pooling attire is 100% legitimate!

Jonathan Adler Pagoda Umbrella / Tory Burch Sun Hat / Tom Ford Sunglasses / Dolce & Gabana Bikini / Tory Burch Sandals

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