Candyland Glam


Candyland-Glam copy.jpg

Fancy diamonds + gems deserve front row seating - so that onlookers can partake in oogling + eye-feasting. These candy-like ring-pops of another color - paired with corresponding nail polish absolutely send my heart aflutter! Why not take your hand glam next level - try color blocking your nails (see No.s 1 + 7) to really jazz up that candy bi-colored bevel! Did you know that all things emerald hued are making quite a splash this spring? Try your hand at going green (see No. 3) and top it off with emerald bling! If all else fails you can always rock a glam hand that's monochromatic - a glittering yellow bauble (see No. 7) paired with gold glitter nails can be all kinds of statement-y + dramatic. So if you find yourself sans candy-cocktail-ring - you best go out and snatch you one... it's the hottest thing this spring!

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