Tea for One



Never in my wildest dreams would I ever think I'd become a "tea drinker" - I mean, why have tea when there's coffe + liquor!? Well since becoming thrice pregnant, there something I've learned - when you throw up coffee, it straight murders the urge! And, while mom may have partaken in martinis whilst with child - that social acceptance + medical advice has long expired! So... that leaves you with... tea - a daily ritual I've grown to love, quite surprisingly! My chosen poison is green tea of the Jasmine variety - it's grassy, it's floral, it's potent + bleeding with vibrancy. I'm a new recruit but already a die hard enthusiast - I'm that lady who brings her tea bags to restaurants like a paranoid, overly-concerned outcast. Whatever, it's given me a new sense of drinking purpose while satisfying my morning + afternoon rituals - and call me crazy but I think it's even spiritual. What can I say, I've made the switch to team TEA - blame the baby... don't blame me!

Teacup + saucer / Gold Tea Ball / Jasmine Dragon Tears Tea

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