In The Bag



As we switch out our bags each season, we also switch out it's contents - I find it to always be a welcoming + cleansing process! Just as you wouldn't dare carry around a winter (black) bag in spring - your phone cover should reflect the very same thing! Your sunglasses silhouette becomes a bit more playful - as you stow away winter's pair, (aka: ol' faithful.) Your purse snacks become more saccharine - as you know you'll be increasing your trips to the gym! Your skin and lips take top priorty starting this season - therefore their purse realestate is paramount and for good reason. While a flask filled with bourbon may well have been winter's purse bevy - now that it's spring, you'll want to replace it with water to keep you from getting sweaty! On a side note, my pregnant status + slight paranoia has me carting Jasmine tea bags - feel free to forego this item if it brings ups red flags! Now, while all things typically do change with the season, some things remain the same - like an indespensible wad of cash, my signature lip color (YSL Rouge Pur Couture No. 13) will never change - thus both year round purse staples they will remain!

So there you have it the current contents of my bag - may it encourage you to contemplate your cartable swag!


BKR Watter Bottle / Milly Banana Leaf iPhone Cover / Jasmine Tea / YSL Rouge Pur Couture, No. 13 / FE NY Bamboozle Sunnies / Eos Mint Lip Balm/ Clinique Sunscreen / Swedish Fish / Sophie Hulme Tote

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