Mrs. Adventures



Being a woman of high leisure, I take my adventures quite seriously - I'm known to jaunt off on a whim, sometimes disappearing somewhat mysteriously! A true MRS cannot be physically tied down - for a grounded lady of leisure is one with a permanent frown. I can't help that my seat likes to take spontaneous flight - despite proper preparations, try as I might. In my years of wild + crazy excursions I've managed to learn a thing or two - always have a "go bag" loaded, locked, and on queue. Said go-bag needn't be extravagant, yet packed with just the necessities - for, upon your arrival at your final locale, you can easily stock up on wanted eccentricities. That said, my go-bag is rather sparse - I don't leave home without lipstick, deodorant and a resort scarf! Although I’d rather keep this tidbit on the DL, it’d be a crime not to tell you…Dove go sleeveless is the way to go! Lets just say my skin can be rather sensitive + this clinically proven underarm soother has me far from tentative. Truth betold, it's a product that I whole heartedly prefer…it's my personal 48 hr. odor + wetness protection, my underarm monsieur! Let's face it, you can do anything when your footloose, lipsticked + fragrance free - we gals feel kittenish + confident when move forth boundlessly! So whether your spring time adventures take you away for the day or perhaps a two-night extended stay - be sure your go-bag is properly equipped to lead you positively astray.

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