Hosting a FABBY Game Night



Y'all remember when I jaunted off to NYC for a few days last month? Well, I'm here to dish all about that trip + then some! I was lucky enough to partner up with Zynga... (you know, Words With Friends / FarmVille / Draw Something... ) to create a 'How to Host a fabulous game night' extravaganza! Lucky for me I love a good game night - what fun it was turning this digital platform into something totally dynamite!


There truly are no bounds when it comes to hosting a game night - that said, there are just a few things to keep in mind when doing it right. My first tip is rather simple: "EAT, DRINK, PLAY!" - this rule is cardinal for a successful gaming soiree! When it comes to parties, you typically encourage your guests to mix + mingle - however with gaming you want them glued to their seat, plain and simple! This is an easy thing to do by keeping plenty of bites + bevvies at the ready - it's a simple trick of the trade and it'll keep your night smooth, spirited + steady!


Want to wow your pals at your next backyard BBQ? Throw up a white sheet + project your iPad's Draw Something 2 game to create a fun + interactive milieux! After you've licked your fingers + polished off a margarita or five - wouldn't it be a blast to inject a little digital surprise?! When you bust out the iPad projected game, your friends won't know what to do!! They'll be so gosh darned impressed with you!!


Anyone can throw out a few iPads, board games + beers - but it takes a savvy hostess to set something up worthy of giggles + cheers! You needn't break the bank or hire a local party planner - all it takes is a little creativity, humor and a pinch of glamour! Whether you overly spike the punch or playfully pin your player friends against one other - going the extra mile is sure to make the night a stunner! Establish a theme based off your game of choice - and then provide the necessary accoutrements to help butter up your creative voice! What you'll end up with is an explosion of game night fun - and a fabulous memory held dear by everyone!!

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