Le HIGH Picnique



The only thing better than a picnic is a picnique - although relatively the same however the latter is far more tres chic. At a picnique you'll have fancier fare - such as haute fried chicken, fresh lobster + hericot verts! Moreover, you'll use chic paper plates + posh plastic flatwear - because let's face it, Chinet just isn't met with the same fanfare. At a high picnique the final course is usually somewhat fantastical - such as Oreo Kabobs, which are both delicious and magical. With the champagne flowing and the noshes mind blowing - a high picnique is an affair that you needn't be foregoing!

I do hope that your next outdoor dinning experience is that of the highest variety - where you delight in picnique fare and make giggle amongst high society!


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