Bergdorf Bonanza



Sooo, remember a few weeks back when I jaunted off to NYC?? Well, if not, click here to refresh your fabulous memory - indeed you will find I co-hosted a launch party for Restorsea! My pal + Founder / President of Restorsea Patti Pao, had requested my presence - obvi, as a fan of the line + Patti, a friend of mine I obliged sans question! Bergdorf Goodman rolled out the red carpet for this glittering event - the Beauty Level was swirling with the buzz of all who were present! Alongside Patti, I cohosted with some serious gals - Kristin Ess, Tina Craig + Kelly Cook were in the house, along with a gaggle of our NYC pals. The night was a hit + I felt like a million bucks - depsite declining bottomless booze from the handsome man in the tux! The party woulndn't have been complete without getting to share it with you - so, here you go... without further ado...

Restorsea / The Beanstalk Team / @OscarPRGirl / Lindsey Jones / Reesa Lake / Solange Foster

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