Baby BOY Bonanza



Oh the joy of an impending little BOY - yes, you heard it from my typing fingertips, 'tis a mini mister that we'll soon enjoy! It's been over seven years since I've been in this position - oogling over baby boy goodies is such a delightful proposition! I've had such fun navigating the current little man scene - the adorableness of what's out there is truly obscene! This mini mister of mine is sure to reap the bennies - at the rate I'm going he'll soon have a closet to melt the hearts of many!

Gray Beanie + Booties / Palm Suit / Le Petit Toms / Scarf + Uni Suit / Striped Suit / Le Petit Toms / Felt Slippers / Grey Gown / Striped Beanie


With this little surprise bundle being our third, we're starting over from scratch - we need to restock all our items, yet keep it simple at that! With two fabulous minis already ruling our roost - our new arrival's kit must be minimal yet resolute. We're all about simple, compact and 100% essential - everything else (been there / done that / have you seen Babies??) is totally inconsequential! We're pretty darn thrilled about the newest addition - now we've just got to collect the little necessities until this baby comes to fruition!

Baby Bjorn Miracle Carrier / Phil & Teds Smart Stroller System / Bumbo / Bloom Alma Mini Crib / Canvas Storage

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