Mrs. Summer Smashers



I love adding tasty twists to side dish classics - and then passing them along to you with my signature MRS graphics! So here I have a summery twist on a loaded baked potato-ish dish - not only is it just as good, but your kitchen won't succumb to a scorching oven-like abyss. I call this my Mrs. Summer Smashers - a bright starchy side that contains only what really matters. I'm speaking of ample butter + sour cream - lemon zest, salt + pepper and scallions for some crunchy green. You'll want to start with Yukon golds, skins on - this adds another layer of texture that's truly the bomb! Boil those babies until they're fork tender - then drain, return to pot + begin the smashing adventure. I discovered that my cocktail muddler makes for one heck of a masher - and I think giving it another wonderful use just adds to it's glamour! You'll want to mix in all the the above ingredients - and don't skip, it's what makes this dish so deliciously devious! Just be sure to save a few extra green onions for garnish - just a sprinkling will entice + astonish!

I certainly hope you all give this a whirl - I can promise you... all tongues who taste this will do a happy twirl!

Bon Appetit!


Smasher / Cocktail Muddler

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