HOT Summer Reads



Now that June has rolled on in, it's time to give the good ole' temporal lobe a spin. The little free time that we find in our day calls for novels far beyond "okay". These babies are treasures...they're funny + frisky, and yes there are parts that are borderline risky. But who cares if it's PG, R or's a novel, it's fiction...go grab a bottle + throw on the specs. These picks are straight gold, right out of the chest!!!

Another tidbit I must share with you all...there are more to come, I've got a list above all!! It'll make it's appearance in next month's Mrs. Gazette + if missed will surely cause  major regret. So sign up here + all is well....don't forget to share YOUR faves--tell, tell, tell!!!

Nice is Just a Place in France// Gay Men Don't Get Fat// Fear of Flying// Valley of the Dolls// 


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