A Lovely Update



We're all guilty of attempting lofty New Years resolutions - yet are we holding ourselves accountable for their sought after solutions? It's a slippery slope that often renders varying results - from absolute wins, failed attempts and even insults! So I thought I'd come clean and give you all a LOVELY little update - most of which I'm proud of + some I'll leave up for debate.


This time last year, I was a disorganized HOT MESS - yet, I continued to function under the madness nevertheless. What I didn't realize is that I really needed a helping hand - so I hired Miss Wood + thus my enterprise has become a well oiled wonderland. What I learned is that it's more than chic boxes + fancy office loot - being truly organized means being ultra savvy + resolute! Once I determined exactly what I needed - I asked for help and to my delight my expectations have been 100% exceeded. With the addition of Miss Wood I'm able to tackle my daily tasks - she manages the overflow + neither of us has heart attacks!!!!


So, its time to address the MRS Coiffe - a topic in which I do truly enjoy! I've been growing this b*tch out for about a year - she's approaching shoulder-length + looking pretty austere. This grow out has been pretty painful - and let's not forget the grey... its straight up shameful! With a good year under my belt of donning a style-less do - I've come to the conclusion that I prefer my mane with a little ballyhoo! And while I'd consider chopping off a portion of my left pinky to posses a pinned up coiffe like the one above - I've realized that I desperately miss my beastly flamboyant short do... the look I love! That said, I'm chopping + streaking her out this coming Thursday - getting my hair groove back is gonna be just like blowing out my birthday!


Ah yes, the old Mrs. Lilien spade - a logo I'll always be proud that I made! While it was a rather esteemed mark to posses - I didn't like having to share it I will finally confess.  An astute mistress of my trade - I decided a BETTER look would suit me and thus I set off on a NEW LOOK crusade. As all graphic designers know, this is a most death defying assignment - one that takes patience, prowess and endless solitary confinement. Such a task can turn a sane person MAD - turn the kind hearted into the despicably bad. I'm happy to report I made it out mostly unscathed - aside from my madness-inducing graphic designer's rage-fueled tirade - I successfully rebranded myself + happily did away with the spade! 


Right, sooooo when you come back from an extended holiday vacation with unexpected BABY news - one things for sure, your new year certainly won't be filled with ciggies + booze! In all honesty, it's not like I was REALLy going to take up smoking - but being that my boozing was elevated, the lesser of two evils was truly thought provoking! The good (healthy) news is that I DID bridle that booze - I instead took up water cocktails with an occasional shot of juice! All kidding aside, the hooch has been the furthest thing from my mind - baby number 3 has had an affect on me, and thus I've become disinclined. No doubt when he's here I'll be cheers-ing to his arrival - I'm thinking that his homecoming will be the perfect boozy revival!



Finally... my MRS performance weighs in the balance - I'd be hard pressed to judge my very own blogging talents. Of course I'd like to think you're all woo'ed on the daily - however it's no different from us mothers KNOWING we have the prettiest baby! What I can tell you is that I'm rather proud of the content that I produce - that I have an absolute ball in orchestrating all my Mrs. pursuits. That said, I leave it up to you... have a done a bang up job, or is there room to improve??? Are you sexed up + satisfied, do I leave you wanting more? Or is there something missing + you think I'm a wretched bore??? Regardless your answer (be nice!) I'd really love to know - I want to continue to be your favorite daily read, your MRS DYNAMO!!


Be sure to leave your love notes + suggestions in the comments below - I'll read them all + heed them all like a Mrs. Pro!

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